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Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Treatments are carried out to all accessible areas.  These areas include roof void/s, subfloor, interiors, exteriors, garage/s, shed/s and fences.  Residential structures include houses, units, flats, studios, townhouses and villas.

If insects, spiders or rodents (rats & mice) are presenting quality of life issues then you must call one of our Local Pest Professionals so they can give you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night.  Sometimes despite faultless housekeeping and best intentions, pests enter in bags, cardboard boxes, furniture, even second hand appliances or they can just waltz through your front door.

Conditions in your home may offer a comfortable haven where pests not only visit but also nest and multiply. Some like it hot, some like it cool and most like moisture and darkness.

Treating these conducive and surrounding areas will potentially reduce breeding areas and further pest infestation in the future

Things to look out for in a Pest Control Professional:-

  • Customer Communications - A General Pest Control Treatment will initially start with good communication and understanding of what pests are the problem and how the Pest Controller will best treat your place or residence without interrupting the safety of you, your family, your pets or surrounding environment;
  • Prompt & Reliable – Pest Control Professionals have to be reliable on the day and on time;
  • Well Presented & Mannered – Pest Control Professionals must be well shaven and neatly dressed. Their truck must look tidy and professional. They also must treat their client and their home with respect;
  • Trained Technicians – Pest Control Professionals should be licensed, trained and have a decent knowledge about the pests and their habits before trying to control a problem. With this knowledge they then can determine what the best suited pesticide is necessary at which area and which will least affect people, pets and surrounding environment.

Residential Pests include:-

•  Ants •  Cockroaches •  Silverfish
•  Spiders •  Rodents •  Mosquitos
•  Termites •  Birds •  Bees
•  Wasps •  Birdmites •  Borers
•  Fleas •  Possums •  Stored

Local Pest Professional

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