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Indian Meal moth

The Indian Meal Moth is a grain feeding pest found around the world often feeding on domestic cereals and grain products.


  • The adult moth is yellowish-grey in colour with a dark band
  • The larvae is off white with a brown head, about 12mm long (the larvae is mistaken for a maggot when found in cupboards, crawling along a ceiling or up a wall)
  • The larvae crawl to the corners of your kitchen and build a cocoon which will then turn themselves into a moth.
  • They are commonly called "Flour Moths" or "Pantry Moths"


Control Procedures

To control or eliminate the Indian Meal Moth is simple.  Start throwing out all your grains which are opened, not opened and even sealed in Tupperware or Glass Jars.  Eg. Cereals (especially porridge), pasta, rice, spices, dried fruits and even brown sugar.

Check all your packets within your pantry and look for webbing or the live larvae within the packet itself.  Remember it doesn't even have to be opened yet.

You have purchased the product from the supermarket and physically brought it in yourself.  Don't worry, you are not alone.

If you have problems eliminating the problem, keep throwing more products out.  Isolate some in different cupboards on the other side of the room or even within your fridge or freezer.

You can purchase glue traps and place them in your cupboards and they will collect the adult moth but will not eliminate the source.

This process will sometimes take time, be patient.

select a local professional who treats this pest