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German Cockroaches

10-15mm in length, dark orange/brown in colour 

They are only found internally amongst electrical appliances and warm environments. Cracks, crevices and kitchen door hinges supply great breeding areas for this species and they are usually found in large numbers. German Cockroaches are the WORST of them all as they breed a lot faster and are the hardest to control.




Brown Banded Cockroach

13-14mm in length, gold/brown in colour.

These are commonly mistaken as German Cockroaches but they are only found in low numbers (eg. 1 or 2) and usually fly in from the outside neighbouring trees.


American Cockroach

28-44mm in length.  Dark orange in colour.

Found in roof voids, subfloors, drains and sewers.

Australia Cockroach

30-35mm in length.  Dark Brown/Black in colour.

These cockroaches are more easily defined in colour as they have distinct yellow/white markings down the sides of the wings.  Found in gardens and subfloor areas.


Smoky Brown Cockroach

30-35mm in length.  Dark Brown/Black in colour.

Found in fences, stored timber and subfloor areas.


Oriental Cockroach

20-24mm in length.  Dark Brown in colour.

Found in basements, cellars, cool damp areas.


Habits & Biology

Cockroaches are scavengers and will eat almost anything - dead animals, vegetable materials, cardboards, fabrics, glue, hair and book bindings.  The introduced domestic species appear to eat almost anything.

Cockroaches congregate in roof-voids, beneath concrete slab patios and paths, in crevices, under bark, rocks or logs, in common household kitchen appliances and cupboards.

Cockroaches that breed in your household appliances , kitchen cupboards, restaurants ,commercial kitchens and their production machines are called German Cockroaches.  These cockroaches pose a health hazard and should be treated by a Pest Professional as soon as possible.  See below for Link to your Local Pest Professional to help you with your cockroach problems.

The Cockroach is also one of the hardiest insects on the planet, capable of living for a month without food.

It is suggested that cockroaches will "inherit the earth" if humanity destroys itself in a nuclear war.

BEWARE - A person who is allergic to consuming shellfish is also likely to have an allergy to eating cockroaches.

select a local professional who treats this pest